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masterwriteup: we love typoseta7 days
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7 dayswriteup: we love typosHEADmastereta1-5/+9
7 dayswriteup, code: it's done! (mostly) also fix the bugseta34-25/+3255
9 dayswriteup: that ought to be good enough for a first drafteta2-6/+1943
9 dayswriteup: the design section is pretty much doneeta3-10/+989
10 dayswriteup: mostly finish OOP sectioneta5-25/+2196
13 dayswriteup: more progress! more diagramseta3-5/+1046
13 dayswriteup: much progress! many diagrams!eta10-31/+3737
2020-03-19fix small schema typo, do moar writeupeta3-1/+866
2020-03-15writeup: initial progresseta3-1/+1181
2020-02-13Add somewhat hacky way of adding a usereta2-1/+21