A WhatsApp (Web) transport for XMPP.
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(in-package :whatsxmpp)
(defparameter +version+ "0.0.1")
(defvar *archiving-enabled* nil
"T if archiving user messages is enabled, NIL otherwise")
(defvar *history-fetches-enabled* nil
"T if full history fetches are enabled, NIL otherwise")
(defclass whatsxmpp-component (xmpp-component)
:initform (make-hash-table :test 'equal)
:accessor component-whatsapps)
:initform (make-hash-table :test 'equal)
:accessor component-presence-timers)
:initform nil
:accessor component-reconnect-timer)
:initarg :upload-component-name
:accessor component-upload-component-name)))
(defun send-text-message (comp to-jid text &optional from)
"Send a simple text message to TO-JID, containing TEXT."
(with-message (comp to-jid :from from)
(cxml:with-element "body"
(cxml:text text))))
(defun handle-connection-complete (comp)
(format *debug-io* "Connection complete! \\o/")
(emit :connected comp))
(defparameter +whatsapp-user-disco-info-list+
`((disco-identity "whatsxmpp" "phone" "client")
;; FIXME: The features here must be lexicographically sorted!
(disco-feature ,+entity-caps-ns+)
(disco-feature ,+chat-states-ns+)
(disco-feature ,+disco-info-ns+))
"List of calls to DISCO-IDENTITY and DISCO-FEATURE for WhatsApp users bridged through to XMPP.")
(defparameter +whatsapp-user-entity-caps+
(generate-entity-caps +whatsapp-user-disco-info-list+)
"Entity caps string for a bridged WhatsApp user.")
(defun disco-info-handler (comp &key to from &allow-other-keys)
"Handles XEP-0030 disco#info requests."
(format *debug-io* "~&disco#info: ~A~%" to)
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
`((cxml:with-element "query"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" ,+disco-info-ns+)
(to-hostname to-localpart to-resource)
(parse-jid to)
(declare (ignore to-hostname to-resource))
(let* ((uid (get-user-id from))
(user-name (get-contact-name uid to-localpart))
(chat-subject (get-user-chat-subject uid to-localpart)))
((equal to (component-name comp))
`((disco-identity "whatsxmpp bridge" "xmpp" "gateway")
(disco-feature ,+disco-info-ns+)
(disco-feature ,+disco-items-ns+)
(disco-feature ,+muc-ns+)))
`((disco-identity ,chat-subject "text" "conference")
(disco-feature ,+disco-info-ns+)
(disco-feature ,+muc-ns+)
(disco-feature ,+mam-ns+)
(disco-feature ,+muc-stable-id-ns+)
(disco-feature ,+unique-stanzas-ns+)
(disco-feature "muc_hidden")
(disco-feature "muc_persistent")
(disco-feature "muc_membersonly")
(disco-feature "muc_nonanonymous")))
(t nil))))))))
(defun disco-items-handler (comp &key to from &allow-other-keys)
"Handles XEP-0030 disco#items requests."
(format *debug-io* "~&disco#items: ~A from ~A~%" to from)
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
`((cxml:with-element "query"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" ,+disco-items-ns+)
,@(when (equal to (component-name comp))
(let ((uid (get-user-id (strip-resource from))))
(format *debug-io* "~&muc list disco#items for ~A~%" (strip-resource from))
for (localpart . subject) in (get-user-groupchats uid)
collect `(cxml:with-element "item"
(cxml:attribute "jid" ,(concatenate 'string
localpart "@"
(component-name comp)))
(cxml:attribute "name" ,subject)))))))))
(defun admin-jid (comp)
"Get the admin JID for COMP. You need the lock to be taken out for this one."
(concatenate 'string "admin@" (component-name comp) "/adminbot"))
(defparameter *admin-help-text*
(format nil
"** whatsxmpp, version ~A, a theta.eu.org project **
- register: set up the bridge
- unregister: log out of the bridge and wipe all bridge data (!)
- connect: manually connect to WhatsApp
- stop: disconnect from WhatsApp, and disable automatic reconnections
- status: get your current status
- getroster: trigger an XEP-0144 roster item exchange (in some clients, this'll pop up a window asking to add contacts to your roster)
- help: view this help text
- refresh-chats: force the bridge to update member lists + subject for all of your group chats
- enable-archiving: enable storage of *unencrypted* WhatsApp messages by the bridge
- disable-archiving: disable the above archiving setting
- full-history-fetch: fetch ALL historic messages from WhatsApp and store them in the bridge's archive"
(defparameter *admin-privileged-help-text*
"You may execute the following additional administrator commands:
- force-unregister USER: forcibly remove USER from the bridge")
(defparameter *reconnect-every-secs* 5
"Interval between calls to WA-RESETUP-USERS.")
(defun admin-msg (comp jid text)
"Send an admin message from the admin on COMP to JID."
(send-text-message comp jid text (admin-jid comp)))
(defun admin-presence (comp jid status &optional show)
"Send presence from the admin on COMP to JID."
(with-presence (comp jid
:from (admin-jid comp))
(when show
(cxml:with-element "show"
(cxml:text show)))
(cxml:with-element "status"
(cxml:text status))))
(defun wa-resetup-users (comp)
"Go through the list of WhatsApp users and reconnect those whose connections have dropped."
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
(let* ((users-to-reconnect
for jid being the hash-keys in (component-whatsapps comp)
using (hash-value conn)
do (when conn
((ticks (gethash jid (component-presence-timers comp))))
(unless ticks
(setf ticks 0))
(when (> (incf ticks) #.(/ (* 60 60) 5))
(format *debug-io* "~&periodic presence available for ~A~%" jid)
(whatscl::send-presence conn :available))))
append (unless conn
(list jid))))
(num-users (length users-to-reconnect)))
(when (> num-users 0)
(format *debug-io* "~&resetup-users: ~A users to reconnect~%" num-users))
for user in users-to-reconnect
do (handle-setup-user comp user))
(trivial-timers:schedule-timer (component-reconnect-timer comp) *reconnect-every-secs*))))
(defparameter *user-jid-scanner*
(cl-ppcre:create-scanner "u([0-9]+)"))
(defparameter *group-jid-scanner*
(cl-ppcre:create-scanner "g([0-9]+)-([0-9]+)"))
(defun wa-jid-to-whatsxmpp-localpart (waj)
"Convert a whatscl JID object to a WhatsXMPP localpart."
(unless waj
(format *error-output* "WA-JID-TO-WHATSXMPP-LOCALPART called with NIL!")
(return-from wa-jid-to-whatsxmpp-localpart "unknown"))
(with-accessors ((localpart whatscl::jid-localpart) (hostname whatscl::jid-hostname)) waj
((or (equal hostname "s.whatsapp.net") (equal hostname "c.us"))
(concatenate 'string "u" localpart))
((equal hostname "g.us")
(concatenate 'string "g" localpart))
(concatenate 'string "other-" localpart "-" hostname)))))
(defun whatsxmpp-localpart-to-wa-jid (localpart)
"Parses a WhatsXMPP localpart, returning a whatscl JID object if parsing is successful.
WhatsXMPP represents users as u440123456789 and groups as g1234-5678."
(cl-ppcre:register-groups-bind (digits)
(*user-jid-scanner* localpart)
(return-from whatsxmpp-localpart-to-wa-jid
(whatscl::make-jid digits "s.whatsapp.net")))
(cl-ppcre:register-groups-bind (creator ts)
(*group-jid-scanner* localpart)
(return-from whatsxmpp-localpart-to-wa-jid
(whatscl::make-jid (concatenate 'string creator "-" ts) "g.us"))))
(defun wa-conn-recent-p (comp conn jid)
(let ((current (gethash jid (component-whatsapps comp))))
(eql current conn)))
(defmacro with-wa-handler-context ((comp conn jid) &body body)
"Takes the component data lock, checks that CONN is the most up-to-date connection for JID, and then executes BODY."
`(with-component-data-lock (,comp)
(if (wa-conn-recent-p ,comp ,conn ,jid)
(progn ,@body)
(warn "WA handler called with out of date connection, ignoring"))))
(defun wa-handle-ws-error (comp conn jid err)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(format *debug-io* "~&ws-error ~A: ~A~%" jid err)
(admin-msg comp jid
(format nil "WhatsApp websocket error: ~A~%Will automatically reconnect, but if issues persist, try a re-connect or re-register." err))
(admin-presence comp jid "WebSocket error" "away")
(setf (gethash jid (component-whatsapps comp)) nil)))
(defun wa-handle-ws-close (comp conn jid)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(format *debug-io* "~&ws-close: ~A~%" jid)
(when (nth-value 1 (gethash jid (component-whatsapps comp)))
;; If true, we're still doing automatic reconnections.
;; Otherwise, we will have already yelled at the user for
;; whatever caused them to disconnect, so don't do anything here.
(admin-msg comp jid
"WhatsApp websocket closed (will reconnect soon).")
(admin-presence comp jid "WebSocket closed" "away")
(setf (gethash jid (component-whatsapps comp)) nil))))
(defun wa-handle-ws-qrcode (comp conn jid qrcode)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(format *debug-io* "~&qrcode: ~A~%" jid)
(admin-presence comp jid "Waiting for QR code" "away")
(send-qrcode comp jid qrcode)))
(defun update-session-data (jid sessdata)
(update-sessdata-stmt "UPDATE users SET session_data = ? WHERE jid = ?")
(format *debug-io* "~&update sessdata for ~A~%" jid)
(bind-parameters update-sessdata-stmt sessdata jid)
(sqlite:step-statement update-sessdata-stmt)))
(defun wa-handle-ws-connected (comp conn jid wa-jid)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(let ((sessdata (whatscl::serialize-persistent-session (whatscl::wac-session conn)))
(status (format nil "Logged in to WhatsApp as ~A." wa-jid)))
(update-session-data jid sessdata)
(admin-msg comp jid status)
(admin-presence comp jid status)
(whatscl::send-presence conn :available)
(format *debug-io* "~&ws-connected: ~A (as ~A)~%" jid wa-jid))))
(defun wa-handle-disconnect (comp conn jid kind)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(format *debug-io* "~&disconnect for ~A: ~A" jid kind)
(let ((reason
(case kind
(:replaced "Connection replaced by other WhatsApp Web session")
(:removed "Connection removed in mobile app"))))
(admin-msg comp jid (format nil "Error: ~A." reason))
(admin-presence comp jid reason "xa"))
(admin-msg comp jid "(Disabling automatic reconnections.)")
(remhash jid (component-whatsapps comp))))
(defun wa-handle-error-status-code (comp conn jid err)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(format *debug-io* "~&error-status-code for ~A: ~A~%" jid err)
(if (typep err 'whatscl::login-error)
(let ((status-code (whatscl::scerror-status-code err)))
((equal status-code 401)
(admin-msg comp jid "Error: The WhatsApp Web connection was removed from your device! You'll need to scan the QR code again.")
(admin-presence comp jid "Connection removed" "xa")
(update-session-data jid "")))
((equal status-code 403)
(admin-msg comp jid "Error: WhatsApp Web denied access. You may have violated the Terms of Service.")
(admin-presence comp jid "Access denied" "xa")
(update-session-data jid "")))
((equal status-code 419)
(admin-msg comp jid "Error: WhatsApp Web have invalidated this connection for some reason. You'll need to scan the QR code again. (It's unclear why this happens.)")
(admin-presence comp jid "Connection invalidated" "xa")
(update-session-data jid "")))
(admin-presence comp jid "Login failure" "xa")
(admin-msg comp jid (format nil "Login failure: ~A" err))))))
(admin-msg comp jid "(Disabling automatic reconnections.)")
(remhash jid (component-whatsapps comp)))
(admin-msg comp jid (format nil "Warning: A non-fatal WhatsApp error has occurred.~%You should be fine to continue, but if problems persist, consider re-connecting or re-registering.~%Details: ~A" err)))))
(defun wa-handle-error (comp conn jid err bt)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(format *debug-io* "~&whatscl error for ~A: ~A~%Backtrace:~A~%" jid err bt)
(admin-msg comp jid
(format nil "A programming error has been detected and your connection has been aborted unexpectedly.~%Report the following error to the bridge admin: ~A" err))
(admin-msg comp jid "(Disabling automatic reconnections.)")
(admin-presence comp jid "Programming error" "xa")
(remhash jid (component-whatsapps comp))))
(defun whatsxmpp-ping-handler (comp &key to from &allow-other-keys)
(declare (ignore comp to from))
;; This is a stub!
(defun whatsxmpp-mam-query-handler (comp &key to from stanza &allow-other-keys)
"Handles Message Archive Management (MAM) queries."
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
(let* ((stripped (strip-resource from))
(local-time:*default-timezone* local-time:+utc-zone+)
(uid (or
(get-user-id stripped)
(error 'stanza-error
:defined-condition "registration-required"
:text "You must be a bridge user to run MAM queries."
:type "auth")))
(chat-id (or
(get-user-chat-id uid (nth-value 1 (parse-jid to)))
(error 'stanza-error
:defined-condition "item-not-found"
:text "Couldn't find a WhatsApp chat with that JID."
:type "modify")))
(query-params (alist-from-mam-query (elt (child-elements stanza) 0))))
(format *debug-io* "~&MAM query for ~A from ~A:~% params ~A~%" from to query-params)
(labels ((unix-from-mam (time-input)
(alexandria:when-let ((time time-input))
(local-time:timestamp-to-unix (local-time:parse-timestring time))))
(unix-from-mam-params (keyword params)
(unix-from-mam (whatscl::cassoc keyword params))))
(multiple-value-bind (messages completep)
(query-archive uid chat-id
:start (unix-from-mam-params :start query-params)
:end (unix-from-mam-params :end query-params)
:limit (alexandria:when-let
((limit (whatscl::cassoc :max query-params)))
(parse-integer limit))
:reference-stanza-id (or
(whatscl::cassoc :after query-params)
(whatscl::cassoc :before query-params))
:forward-page (assoc :after query-params))
(format *debug-io* "~&MAM query for ~A returned ~A messages (complete: ~A)" from (length messages) completep)
for msg in messages
do (deliver-mam-history-message comp msg from (whatscl::cassoc :query-id query-params)))
`((cxml:with-element "fin"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" ,+mam-ns+)
(cxml:attribute "complete" ,(if completep "true" "false"))
(cxml:with-element "set"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" ,+rsm-ns+)
,@(when (> (length messages) 0)
`((cxml:with-element "first"
(cxml:text ,(xmpp-id (first messages))))
(cxml:with-element "last"
(cxml:text ,(xmpp-id (car (last messages)))))))))))))))
(defun do-chat-history-request (comp conn jid uid requested-jid)
"Retrieves full chat history for the REQUESTED-JID, and inserts it into the database."
conn requested-jid
(lambda (conn chat-history)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(lambda ()
(let ((num-inserted 0))
for msg in chat-history
do (unless (lookup-wa-msgid-in-history uid (whatscl::message-id msg))
(incf num-inserted)
(attach (with-component-data-lock (comp)
(make-xmpp-messages-for-wa-message comp conn jid msg))
(lambda (messages)
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
for x-msg in messages
do (progn
(insert-xmpp-message x-msg)
(incf num-inserted))))))
(error (e)
(warn "Couldn't insert chat history message: ~A" e)))))
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
(admin-msg comp jid (format nil "Inserted ~A (of ~A) chat history messages for ~A." num-inserted (length chat-history) requested-jid)))))
:name (format nil "chat history insertion thread for ~A / ~A" jid requested-jid))
(if (eql (length chat-history) 0)
(admin-msg comp jid (format nil "Warning: chat history request for ~A errored, or returned no results." requested-jid))
(admin-msg comp jid (format nil "Inserting ~A chat history messages for ~A..." (length chat-history) requested-jid)))))
:sleep-secs 0.2
:chunk-size 100))
(defun wa-handle-message (comp conn jid msg delivery-type)
(declare (ignore delivery-type))
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(let ((uid (get-user-id jid)))
(when (lookup-wa-msgid uid (whatscl::message-id msg))
;; Don't process the same WhatsApp message twice.
(return-from wa-handle-message))
(attach (make-xmpp-messages-for-wa-message comp conn jid msg)
(lambda (messages)
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
for x-msg in messages
do (progn
(deliver-xmpp-message comp x-msg)
(when (and *archiving-enabled* (user-archiving-enabled-p uid) (uiop:string-prefix-p "g" (conversation x-msg)))
(insert-xmpp-message x-msg))
(when (orig-id x-msg)
(insert-user-message uid (xmpp-id x-msg) (orig-id x-msg))))))))
(error (e)
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
(format *error-output* "~&processing of message ~A for ~A failed! error: ~A~%" (whatscl::message-id msg) jid e)
(insert-user-message uid (concatenate 'string "error-" (whatscl::message-id msg)) (whatscl::message-id msg))
(admin-msg comp jid
(format nil "Warning: The bridge missed a message (whatsapp id ~A). The error was:~%~A"
(whatscl::message-id msg) e))))))))
(defun get-avatar-data (avatar-url)
"Fetches AVATAR-URL, using the database as a cache. Returns the SHA1 hash (lowercase) of the avatar data as first argument, and the actual octets as second."
((get-stmt "SELECT sha1, image FROM avatar_data WHERE avatar_url = ?")
(insert-stmt "INSERT INTO avatar_data (avatar_url, sha1, image) VALUES (?, ?, ?)"))
(bind-parameters get-stmt avatar-url)
(if (sqlite:step-statement get-stmt)
(with-bound-columns (sha1 image) get-stmt
(values sha1 image))
(format *debug-io* "~&fetching avatar url: ~A~%" avatar-url)
(multiple-value-bind (data status-code)
(drakma:http-request avatar-url)
(format *debug-io* "~&fetch resulted in status ~A~%" status-code)
(when (eql status-code 200)
(let ((sha1 (sha1-octets data)))
(bind-parameters insert-stmt avatar-url sha1 data)
(sqlite:step-statement insert-stmt)
(values sha1 data))))))))
(defun get-contact-avatar-data (uid localpart)
"Get a set of avatar data (returned by GET-AVATAR-DATA) for LOCALPART, a possible contact for the user with ID UID.
Returns three values: avatar data (as two values), and a generalized boolean specifying whether the user had an avatar (i.e. for no avatar users, returns (VALUES NIL NIL T))"
((get-stmt "SELECT avatar_url FROM user_contacts WHERE user_id = ? AND wa_jid = ?"))
(bind-parameters get-stmt uid localpart)
(when (sqlite:step-statement get-stmt)
(with-bound-columns (avatar-url) get-stmt
(values-list (append
(if (and avatar-url (> (length avatar-url) 0) (not (equal avatar-url "NO-AVATAR")))
(multiple-value-list (get-avatar-data avatar-url))
`(nil nil))
(cons (> (length avatar-url) 0) nil)))))))
(defun wa-request-avatar (comp conn jid wa-jid localpart)
(format *debug-io* "~&requesting avatar for ~A from ~A~%" localpart jid)
(whatscl::get-profile-picture conn wa-jid
(lambda (conn result)
(wa-handle-avatar-result comp conn jid localpart result))))
(defun handle-wa-contact-presence (comp conn jid localpart &key noretry destination)
"Send out a presence stanza for LOCALPART to JID, or queue requests for that user's status or avatar if they're lacking."
(unless (uiop:string-prefix-p "u" localpart)
(return-from handle-wa-contact-presence))
(let* ((uid (get-user-id jid))
(status (get-contact-status uid localpart))
(wa-jid (whatsxmpp-localpart-to-wa-jid localpart)))
(multiple-value-bind (avatar-sha1 avatar-data has-avatar-p)
(get-contact-avatar-data uid localpart)
(declare (ignore avatar-data))
(if (and has-avatar-p status)
(with-presence (comp (or destination jid)
:from (concatenate 'string
(component-name comp)))
(cxml:with-element "status"
(cxml:text status))
(cxml:with-element "c"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +entity-caps-ns+)
(cxml:attribute "hash" "sha-1")
(cxml:attribute "node" "https://git.theta.eu.org/eta/whatsxmpp")
(cxml:attribute "ver" +whatsapp-user-entity-caps+))
(cxml:with-element "x"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +vcard-avatar-ns+)
(if avatar-sha1
(cxml:with-element "photo"
(cxml:text avatar-sha1))
(cxml:with-element "photo"))))
(unless noretry
(unless avatar-sha1
(wa-request-avatar comp conn jid wa-jid localpart))
(unless status
(format *debug-io* "~&requesting status for ~A from ~A~%" localpart jid)
(whatscl::get-profile-status conn wa-jid
(lambda (conn result)
(wa-handle-status-result comp conn jid localpart result))))))))))
(defun handle-wa-contact-presence-subscriptions (comp jid localpart)
"Check if we need to send out presence subscriptions for LOCALPART."
(unless (uiop:string-prefix-p "u" localpart)
(return-from handle-wa-contact-presence-subscriptions))
(let ((uid (get-user-id jid)))
(assert uid () "No user ID for ~A!" jid)
((get-stmt "SELECT subscription_state, name, notify, id FROM user_contacts WHERE user_id = ? AND wa_jid = ?")
(update-stmt "UPDATE user_contacts SET subscription_state = ? WHERE id = ?"))
(bind-parameters get-stmt uid localpart)
(unless (sqlite:step-statement get-stmt)
(error "No contact with localpart ~A exists!" localpart))
(with-bound-columns (subscription-state name notify ctid) get-stmt
(let ((name-to-use (or name
(when notify (concatenate 'string "~" notify))))
(from (concatenate 'string localpart "@" (component-name comp))))
(when (and (equal subscription-state "none") name-to-use)
(with-presence (comp jid
:type "subscribe"
:from from)
(cxml:with-element "nick"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +nick-ns+)
(cxml:text name-to-use)))
(bind-parameters update-stmt "asked" ctid)
(sqlite:step-statement update-stmt)))))))
(defun add-wa-contact (comp conn jid contact)
"Adds the WHATSCL:CONTACT to the list of JID's contacts, or updates it if it already exists. Returns the contact's localpart."
(with-accessors ((ct-jid whatscl::contact-jid)
(ct-notify whatscl::contact-notify)
(ct-name whatscl::contact-name))
(let ((uid (get-user-id jid))
(wx-localpart (wa-jid-to-whatsxmpp-localpart ct-jid)))
(unless (uiop:string-prefix-p "u" wx-localpart)
(return-from add-wa-contact))
(assert uid () "No user ID for ~A!" jid)
((get-stmt "SELECT id, name, notify FROM user_contacts WHERE user_id = ? AND wa_jid = ?")
(update-stmt "UPDATE user_contacts SET name = ?, notify = ? WHERE id = ?")
(update-chat-names "UPDATE user_chat_members SET resource = ? WHERE wa_jid = ?")
(insert-stmt "INSERT INTO user_contacts (user_id, wa_jid, name, notify) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)"))
(bind-parameters get-stmt uid wx-localpart)
(if (sqlite:step-statement get-stmt)
(with-bound-columns (id name notify) get-stmt
(let ((notify (or ct-notify notify))
(name (or ct-name name)))
(bind-parameters update-stmt name notify id)
(sqlite:step-statement update-stmt)))
(bind-parameters insert-stmt uid wx-localpart ct-name ct-notify)
(sqlite:step-statement insert-stmt)))
;; Update the resource in all chats the user is joined to, so we can use the user's actual name instead of a phone number if possible
(let ((newname (get-contact-name uid wx-localpart)))
(bind-parameters update-chat-names newname wx-localpart))
(defun wa-handle-contacts (comp conn jid contacts)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(format *debug-io* "~&got ~A contacts for ~A~%" (length contacts) jid)
for contact in contacts
do (add-wa-contact comp conn jid contact))))
(defun wa-handle-contact (comp conn jid contact)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(format *debug-io* "~&got contact ~A for ~A~%" contact jid)
(add-wa-contact comp conn jid contact)))
(defun request-wa-chat-metadata (comp conn jid wx-localpart)
"Request chat metadata for WX-LOCALPART (a MUC localpart) for the user with JID."
(format *debug-io* "~&requesting chat metadata for ~A from ~A~%" wx-localpart jid)
(whatscl::get-group-metadata conn (whatsxmpp-localpart-to-wa-jid wx-localpart)
(lambda (conn meta)
(wa-handle-group-metadata comp conn jid wx-localpart meta))))
(defun handle-wa-chat-invitation (comp conn jid uid localpart &key noretry)
"Checks to see whether the group chat LOCALPART has any metadata; if not, requests some. If it does, and the user hasn't been invited to that group chat yet, send them an invitation."
(unless (uiop:string-prefix-p "g" localpart)
(return-from handle-wa-chat-invitation))
((get-stmt "SELECT id, invitation_state FROM user_chats WHERE user_id = ? AND wa_jid = ?")
(count-stmt "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM user_chat_members WHERE chat_id = ?")
(update-stmt "UPDATE user_chats SET invitation_state = ? WHERE id = ?"))
(bind-parameters get-stmt uid localpart)
(assert (sqlite:step-statement get-stmt) ()
"Chat ~A doesn't exist in database!" localpart)
(with-bound-columns (chat-id invitation-state) get-stmt
(bind-parameters count-stmt chat-id)
(assert (sqlite:step-statement count-stmt))
(with-bound-columns (n-members) count-stmt
(if (> n-members 0)
(when (equal invitation-state "none")
(with-message (comp jid)
(cxml:with-element "x"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +muc-invite-ns+)
(cxml:attribute "jid" (concatenate 'string
(component-name comp)))))
(bind-parameters update-stmt "invited" chat-id)
(sqlite:step-statement update-stmt))
(unless noretry
(request-wa-chat-metadata comp conn jid localpart)))))))
(defun add-wa-chat (comp conn jid ct-jid)
"Adds the JID CT-JID to the list of the user's groupchats, if it is a groupchat. If it's a user JID, sends a presence subscription request if necessary."
(let ((uid (get-user-id jid))
(wx-localpart (wa-jid-to-whatsxmpp-localpart ct-jid)))
(when (uiop:string-prefix-p "u" wx-localpart)
;; The user has an open chat with this other user, so they probably want a presence subscription.
(when (get-contact-name uid wx-localpart) ;; FIXME
(handle-wa-contact-presence-subscriptions comp jid wx-localpart))
(return-from add-wa-chat))
(unless (uiop:string-prefix-p "g" wx-localpart)
(warn "Interesting localpart passed to ADD-WA-CHAT: ~A" wx-localpart)
(return-from add-wa-chat))
(assert uid () "No user ID for ~A!" jid)
(unless (get-user-chat-id uid wx-localpart)
(insert-user-chat uid wx-localpart))
(handle-wa-chat-invitation comp conn jid uid wx-localpart)))
(defun wa-handle-chats (comp conn jid chats)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(format *debug-io* "~&got ~A chats for ~A~%" (length chats) jid)
for chat in chats
do (add-wa-chat comp conn jid (whatscl::chat-jid chat)))))
(defun wa-handle-message-ack (comp conn jid &key id ack from to participant &allow-other-keys)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(format *debug-io* "~&message ack: ~A is ~A (from ~A, to ~A, participant ~A)~%" id ack from to participant)
(when (equal (whatscl::jid-to-string from) (whatscl::wac-jid conn))
;; (someone else acked this message)
(let* ((uid (get-user-id jid))
(xmpp-id (lookup-wa-msgid uid id)))
(if xmpp-id
(let ((marker-name
((eql ack :received) "received")
((eql ack :read) "displayed")
((eql ack :played) "displayed")
(t (return-from wa-handle-message-ack)))))
(if participant
(let* ((participant-localpart (wa-jid-to-whatsxmpp-localpart participant))
(group-localpart (wa-jid-to-whatsxmpp-localpart to))
(chat-id (get-user-chat-id uid group-localpart)))
(if chat-id
(let ((from-resource (or (get-participant-resource chat-id participant-localpart)
(recipients (get-user-chat-joined uid group-localpart)))
for recip in recipients
do (with-message (comp recip
:from (concatenate 'string
(component-name comp)
:type "groupchat")
(cxml:with-element marker-name
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +chat-markers-ns+)
(cxml:attribute "id" xmpp-id)))))
(warn "Ack for message ID ~A: couldn't find chat id?" id)))
(let ((from-jid (concatenate 'string
(wa-jid-to-whatsxmpp-localpart to)
(component-name comp))))
(with-message (comp jid
:from from-jid)
(cxml:with-element marker-name
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +chat-markers-ns+)
(cxml:attribute "id" xmpp-id))))))
(warn "Got ack for unknown message id ~A" id))))))
(defun wa-handle-message-send-result (comp conn jid &key orig-from orig-to orig-id orig-body result muc-resource)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(format *debug-io* "~&message send result for ~A from ~A: ~A~%" orig-id orig-from result)
(let ((status (cdr (assoc :status result))))
(unless status
(error "No status response provided by WhatsApp"))
(unless (eql status 200)
(error "Message sending failed with code ~A" status))
(if muc-resource
;; Do a MUC echo
(let* ((new-from (concatenate 'string orig-to "/" muc-resource))
(group-localpart (nth-value 1 (parse-jid orig-to)))
(recipients (get-user-chat-joined (get-user-id jid) group-localpart)))
(when (and *archiving-enabled* (user-archiving-enabled-p (get-user-id jid)))
;; FIXME: You can break the database's UNIQUE constraint here.
(insert-xmpp-message (make-instance 'xmpp-message
:conversation group-localpart
:uid (get-user-id jid)
:from muc-resource
:timestamp (local-time:now)
:xmpp-id orig-id
:body orig-body)))
for recip in recipients
do (with-message (comp recip :from new-from :id orig-id :type "groupchat")
(cxml:with-element "body"
(cxml:text orig-body))
(cxml:with-element "stanza-id"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +unique-stanzas-ns+)
;; XXX: This isn't actually compliant; we're supposed to generate
;; our own IDs here. However, the worst you can do is confuse
;; your own clients...
(cxml:attribute "id" orig-id)
(cxml:attribute "by" orig-to))
(cxml:with-element "markable"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +chat-markers-ns+)))))
(with-message (comp orig-from :from orig-to)
(cxml:with-element "received"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +delivery-receipts-ns+)
(cxml:attribute "id" orig-id)))))
(error (e)
(send-stanza-error comp
:id orig-id :to orig-from :from orig-to
:stanza-type "message"
:e (make-condition 'stanza-error
:defined-condition "recipient-unavailable"
:type "modify"
:text (format nil "~A" e)))))))
(defun wa-handle-avatar-result (comp conn jid for-localpart result)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(format *debug-io* "~&avatar result for ~A from ~A: ~A~%" for-localpart jid result)
(let ((avatar-url (or result "NO-AVATAR"))
(uid (get-user-id jid)))
((update-stmt "UPDATE user_contacts SET avatar_url = ? WHERE user_id = ? AND wa_jid = ?"))
(bind-parameters update-stmt avatar-url uid for-localpart)
(sqlite:step-statement update-stmt)
(handle-wa-contact-presence comp conn jid for-localpart :noretry t)))))
(defun wa-handle-status-result (comp conn jid for-localpart result)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(format *debug-io* "~&status result for ~A from ~A: ~A~%" for-localpart jid result)
(let ((avatar-url (or result "Status unknown or hidden"))
(uid (get-user-id jid)))
((update-stmt "UPDATE user_contacts SET status = ? WHERE user_id = ? AND wa_jid = ?"))
(bind-parameters update-stmt avatar-url uid for-localpart)
(sqlite:step-statement update-stmt)
(handle-wa-contact-presence comp conn jid for-localpart :noretry t)))))
(defun wa-handle-picture-change (comp conn jid for-jid was-removed)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(let* ((localpart (wa-jid-to-whatsxmpp-localpart for-jid))
(uid (get-user-id jid))
(contact-name (get-contact-name uid localpart)))
(when contact-name
(format *debug-io* "~&picture change notification for ~A from ~A (removed: ~A)~%" localpart jid was-removed)
(if was-removed
((update-stmt "UPDATE user_contacts SET avatar_url = ? WHERE user_id = ? AND wa_jid = ?"))
(bind-parameters update-stmt "NO-AVATAR" uid localpart)
(sqlite:step-statement update-stmt)
(handle-wa-contact-presence comp conn jid localpart :noretry t))
(wa-request-avatar comp conn jid for-jid localpart))))))
(defun wa-handle-status-change (comp conn jid for-jid status)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(let* ((localpart (wa-jid-to-whatsxmpp-localpart for-jid))
(uid (get-user-id jid))
(contact-name (get-contact-name uid localpart)))
(when contact-name
(format *debug-io* "~&status change notification for ~A from ~A~%" localpart jid)
((update-stmt "UPDATE user_contacts SET status = ? WHERE user_id = ? AND wa_jid = ?"))
(bind-parameters update-stmt status uid localpart)
(sqlite:step-statement update-stmt)
(handle-wa-contact-presence comp conn jid localpart :noretry t))))))
(defun wa-handle-group-metadata (comp conn jid localpart data)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(let* ((uid (get-user-id jid))
(cid (get-user-chat-id uid localpart))
(subject (whatscl::cassoc :subject data)))
(unless cid
(setf cid (insert-user-chat uid localpart)))
(format *debug-io* "~&got group metadata for ~A from ~A~%" localpart jid)
(unless subject
(admin-msg comp jid (format nil "Warning: Failed to update group ~A: received ~A~%This warning usually appears when trying to get information for a group you're no longer in, and can be safely ignored." localpart data))
(warn "Received incomplete group metadata for ~A from ~A: ~A" localpart jid data)
(return-from wa-handle-group-metadata))
(when cid
((update-subject-stmt "UPDATE user_chats SET subject = ? WHERE id = ?")
(delete-members-stmt "DELETE FROM user_chat_members WHERE chat_id = ?")
(insert-member-stmt "INSERT INTO user_chat_members (chat_id, wa_jid, resource, affiliation) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)"))
(bind-parameters update-subject-stmt subject cid)
(bind-parameters delete-members-stmt cid)
(sqlite:step-statement update-subject-stmt)
(sqlite:step-statement delete-members-stmt)
for part in (whatscl::aval :participants data)
do (let ((localpart (wa-jid-to-whatsxmpp-localpart
(whatscl::aval :id part)))))
(bind-parameters insert-member-stmt
cid localpart ; chat_id, wa_jid
(3 ; resource
(get-contact-name uid localpart)
(substitute #\+ #\u localpart)))
(4 ; affiliation
(if (whatscl::cassoc :is-admin part)
(sqlite:step-statement insert-member-stmt)
(sqlite:reset-statement insert-member-stmt)))
(handle-wa-chat-invitation comp conn jid uid localpart :noretry t))))))
(defun wa-handle-presence (comp conn jid &key for-jid type participant &allow-other-keys)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(let* ((localpart (wa-jid-to-whatsxmpp-localpart for-jid))
((eql type :composing) "composing")
((eql type :paused) "paused")
((eql type :available) "active")
((eql type :unavailable) "gone")
(t (return-from wa-handle-presence)))))
(unless participant ; Groups hard
(let ((from-jid (concatenate 'string
(component-name comp))))
(with-message (comp jid
:from from-jid)
(cxml:with-element chat-state
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +chat-states-ns+))))))))
(defun wa-handle-chat-modified (comp conn jid chat-jid)
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn jid)
(let ((wx-localpart (wa-jid-to-whatsxmpp-localpart chat-jid)))
(format *debug-io* "~&chat-modified: ~A for ~A~&" wx-localpart jid)
(request-wa-chat-metadata comp conn jid wx-localpart))))
(defun bind-wa-handlers (comp conn jid)
(on :ws-close conn (lambda (&rest args)
(declare (ignore args))
(wa-handle-ws-close comp conn jid)))
(on :ws-error conn (lambda (e) (wa-handle-ws-error comp conn jid e)))
(on :disconnect conn (lambda (k) (wa-handle-disconnect comp conn jid k)))
(on :chat-modified conn (lambda (k) (wa-handle-chat-modified comp conn jid k)))
(on :error conn (lambda (e backtrace) (wa-handle-error comp conn jid e backtrace)))
(on :error-status-code conn (lambda (e) (wa-handle-error-status-code comp conn jid e)))
(on :qrcode conn (lambda (text) (wa-handle-ws-qrcode comp conn jid text)))
(on :message conn (lambda (msg dt) (wa-handle-message comp conn jid msg dt)))
(on :contacts conn (lambda (contacts) (wa-handle-contacts comp conn jid contacts)))
(on :chats conn (lambda (chats) (wa-handle-chats comp conn jid chats)))
(on :contact conn (lambda (contact) (wa-handle-contact comp conn jid contact)))
(on :message-ack conn (lambda (&key id ack from to participant &allow-other-keys)
(wa-handle-message-ack comp conn jid
:id id :ack ack :from from :to to
:participant participant)))
(on :picture-change conn (lambda (for-jid removed)
(wa-handle-picture-change comp conn jid for-jid removed)))
(on :status-change conn (lambda (for-jid status)
(wa-handle-status-change comp conn jid for-jid status)))
(on :presence conn (lambda (&key of type participant &allow-other-keys)
(wa-handle-presence comp conn jid
:for-jid of :type type
:participant participant)))
(on :connected conn (lambda (waj) (wa-handle-ws-connected comp conn jid waj))))
(defun handle-setup-user (comp jid)
"Set up a WhatsApp connection for JID on COMP."
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
(format *debug-io* "~&setup user: ~A~%" jid)
(get-session-data-stmt "SELECT session_data FROM users WHERE jid = ?")
(bind-parameters get-session-data-stmt jid)
(assert (sqlite:step-statement get-session-data-stmt) ()
"HANDLE-SETUP-USER called for invalid JID ~A" jid)
(let* ((sessdata (sqlite:statement-column-value get-session-data-stmt 0))
(sess (when (and sessdata (> (length sessdata) 0))
(format *debug-io* "~&reusing old session data for ~A~%" jid)
(whatscl::deserialize-persistent-session sessdata)))
(conn (whatscl::make-connection sess)))
(admin-msg comp jid "Connecting to WhatsApp...")
(admin-presence comp jid "Connection in progress..." "away")
((stored-conn (gethash jid (component-whatsapps comp))))
(let ((old-conn))
(when stored-conn
(setf old-conn stored-conn))
(setf stored-conn conn)
(bind-wa-handlers comp conn jid)
(when old-conn
(admin-msg comp jid "(destroying your old connection)")
(whatscl::close-connection old-conn))
(whatscl::start-connection conn)
(error (e)
(admin-msg comp jid (format nil "Connection failed:~% ~A" e))
(admin-msg comp jid "(will retry)")
(setf stored-conn nil)))))))))
(defun unregister-user (comp uid)
"Unregister the user with id UID from the bridge."
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
(let* ((user-jid (get-user-jid uid))
(current-conn (gethash user-jid (component-whatsapps comp))))
(db-unregister-user uid)
(when current-conn
(whatscl::close-connection current-conn)))
(remhash user-jid (component-whatsapps comp))
(admin-msg comp user-jid "You have been unregistered from the bridge, and all data has been deleted. Have a nice day!"))))
(defun start-user-registration (comp jid)
"Register the JID as wanting to use the bridge COMP."
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
(let ((stripped (strip-resource jid)))
(admin-msg comp jid "Starting registration!")
(format *debug-io* "~&register: ~A~%" stripped)
(insert-stmt "INSERT INTO users (jid) VALUES (?) ON CONFLICT (jid) DO UPDATE SET session_data = ''")
(bind-parameters insert-stmt stripped)
(sqlite:step-statement insert-stmt))
(with-presence (comp stripped
:type "subscribe"
:from (admin-jid comp))
(cxml:with-element "status"
(cxml:text "Please add the whatsxmpp admin user to your roster; if you don't, things will probably break in various fun ways."))
(cxml:with-element "nick"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +nick-ns+)
(cxml:text "whatsxmpp admin")))
(admin-msg comp jid "WhatsApp connection should begin shortly...")
(handle-setup-user comp stripped))))
(defun get-admin-status (comp jid)
"Get the status text of the admin user for the user with ID JID. Returns a <show/> value as second value."
(multiple-value-bind (conn exists-p)
(gethash jid (component-whatsapps comp))
((and conn (whatscl::wac-jid conn))
(format nil "Connected and logged in as ~A."
(whatscl::wac-jid conn)))
(conn (values "Connected, but not logged in." "away"))
(exists-p (values "Temporarily disconnected." "away"))
(t (values "Disconnected (automatic reconnections disabled)." "xa")))))
(defun do-roster-exchange (comp jid uid)
"Initiate an XEP-0144 Roster Item Exchange for JID (with user ID UID)."
(let ((localparts (get-user-contact-localparts uid)))
(with-message (comp jid)
(cxml:with-element "x"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +roster-exchange-ns+)
for ct-localpart in localparts
do (when ct-localpart
(let* ((ct-jid (concatenate 'string
(component-name comp)))
(ct-name (get-contact-name uid ct-localpart
:no-phone-number t)))
(when ct-name
(cxml:with-element "item"
(cxml:attribute "action" "add")
(cxml:attribute "jid" ct-jid)
(cxml:attribute "name" ct-name)
(cxml:with-element "group"
(cxml:text "WhatsApp")))))))))))
(defun handle-admin-command (comp from body uid)
"Handles an admin command sent to COMP."
(labels ((reply (text)
(send-text-message comp from text (admin-jid comp))))
(let ((body (string-downcase body))
(stripped (strip-resource from)))
((and uid (equal body "register"))
(reply (format nil "You're already registered!~%Try `connect`. If you really want to re-register, use the `register -force` command.")))
(and (not uid) (equal body "register"))
(and uid (equal body "register -force")))
(start-user-registration comp stripped))
((equal body "unregister")
(reply "Are you sure? Unregistering will delete ALL information the bridge has about you, and is not reversible. If you still want to continue, execute the `unregister -force` command."))
((equal body "unregister -force")
(if uid
(unregister-user comp uid)
(reply "You're not registered with the bridge.")))
((equal body "help")
(reply *admin-help-text*)
(when (jid-admin-p stripped)
(reply *admin-privileged-help-text*))))
((not uid)
(reply "You're not registered with this bridge. Try `register` or `help`."))
((equal body "enable-archiving")
(reply "Are you sure you want to enable archiving? Doing this will store your WhatsApp messages, *unencrypted*, on the server of the bridge operator, where they can be easily read! If you still want to continue, execute the `enable-archiving -force` command."))
((equal body "enable-archiving -force")
(if *archiving-enabled*
(user-set-archiving-state uid t)
(reply "Archiving enabled."))
(reply "Archiving cannot be enabled on this bridge. Please contact the bridge administrator.")))
((equal body "disable-archiving")
(user-set-archiving-state uid nil)
(reply "Archiving disabled. WARNING: Message history is not cleared. To do that, unregister from the bridge entirely (deleting all data), and re-register.")))
((equal body "getroster")
(do-roster-exchange comp stripped uid)
(reply "Roster exchange request sent.")))
((equal body "status")
(reply (get-admin-status comp stripped)))
((equal body "connect")
(handle-setup-user comp stripped))
((equal body "stop")
(let ((conn (gethash stripped (component-whatsapps comp))))
(when (remhash stripped (component-whatsapps comp))
(reply "WhatsApp connections disabled."))
(when conn
(whatscl::close-connection conn))))
((equal body "full-history-fetch")
(if *history-fetches-enabled*
(let ((conn (gethash stripped (component-whatsapps comp))))
(if conn
(let ((chats (get-user-groupchats uid)))
(reply (format nil "Fetching full chat history for ~A groupchats. This will probably take a long time.~%Note that even after completion is reported, some background media uploading may be in progress.~%If the WhatsApp connection is interrupted midway through the fetch, you will need to retry the fetch."
(length chats)))
(lambda ()
for (localpart . subject) in chats
do (progn
(with-wa-handler-context (comp conn stripped)
(do-chat-history-request comp conn stripped uid (whatsxmpp-localpart-to-wa-jid localpart)))
(sleep 0.1))))
:name "whatsxmpp chat history fetcher"))
(reply "You're not connected to WhatsApp.")))
(reply "Full history fetching is not enabled for this bridge. Please contact the bridge administrator.")))
((equal body "refresh-chats")
(let ((conn (gethash stripped (component-whatsapps comp))))
(if conn
(let ((chats (get-user-groupchats uid)))
(reply (format nil "Refreshing metadata for ~A groupchats...~%When the metadata refresh is complete, you'll need to rejoin all of your groupchats (most easily accomplished by reconnecting yourself to XMPP)."
(length chats)))
for (localpart . subject) in chats
do (request-wa-chat-metadata comp conn stripped localpart)))
(reply "You're not connected to WhatsApp."))))
((uiop:string-prefix-p "refresh-chat " body)
(let ((conn (gethash stripped (component-whatsapps comp)))
(localpart-to-use (subseq body #.(length "refresh-chat "))))
(if conn
(reply (format nil "Refreshing metadata for ~A..." localpart-to-use))
(request-wa-chat-metadata comp conn stripped localpart-to-use))
(reply "You're not connected to WhatsApp."))))
((uiop:string-prefix-p "force-unregister " body)
(let ((jid-to-use (subseq body #.(length "force-unregister "))))
(if (jid-admin-p stripped)
(let ((uid-to-use (get-user-id jid-to-use)))
(if uid-to-use
(unregister-user comp uid-to-use)
(reply "User unregistered and data deleted."))
(reply "That user couldn't be found.")))
(reply "You are not a bridge administrator."))))
(reply "Unknown command. Try `help` for a list of supported commands."))))))
(defun whatsxmpp-vcard-temp-handler (comp &key to from &allow-other-keys)
"Handles a vcard-temp IQ request."
(format *debug-io* "~&vcard-temp: ~A (from ~A)~%" to from)
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
(let* ((uid (get-user-id from))
(to-localpart (nth-value 1 (parse-jid to))))
(multiple-value-bind (name avatar-data)
((equal to-localpart "admin")
"whatsxmpp admin")
((not uid)
(error 'stanza-error
:defined-condition "registration-required"
:text "You must register with the bridge admin to view contact details."
:type "auth"))
(let ((name (get-contact-name uid to-localpart)))
(unless name
(error 'stanza-error
:defined-condition "item-not-found"
:text "No vCard for that JID is available at this time."
:type "modify"))
(values name
(nth-value 1 (get-contact-avatar-data uid to-localpart))))))
`((cxml:with-element "vCard"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +vcard-temp-ns+)
(cxml:with-element "FN"
(cxml:text ,name))
(cxml:with-element "NICKNAME"
(cxml:text ,name))
,(when avatar-data
`(cxml:with-element "PHOTO"
(cxml:with-element "TYPE"
(cxml:text "image/jpeg"))
(cxml:with-element "BINVAL"
(cxml:text ,(qbase64:encode-bytes avatar-data)))))))))))
(defun handle-muc-join (comp jid muc-localpart muc-chatid roomnick)
"Handles JID joining MUC-LOCALPART."
(format *debug-io* "~&~A joining MUC ~A with roomnick ~A~%" jid muc-localpart roomnick)
(let ((muc-jid (concatenate 'string muc-localpart "@" (component-name comp))))
((get-subject-stmt "SELECT subject FROM user_chats WHERE id = ?")
(get-resource-stmt "SELECT user_resource FROM user_chats WHERE id = ?")
(update-resource-stmt "UPDATE user_chats SET user_resource = ? WHERE id = ?")
(get-members-stmt "SELECT id, wa_jid, resource, affiliation FROM user_chat_members WHERE chat_id = ?")
(update-member-resource-stmt "UPDATE user_chat_members SET resource = ? WHERE id = ?")
(insert-joined-stmt "INSERT INTO user_chat_joined (chat_id, jid) VALUES (?, ?) ON CONFLICT DO NOTHING"))
((send-presence (from-resource from-jid affiliation role &rest stati)
(with-presence (comp jid :from (concatenate 'string muc-jid "/" from-resource))
(cxml:with-element "x"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +muc-user-ns+)
(cxml:with-element "item"
(cxml:attribute "jid" from-jid)
(cxml:attribute "affiliation" affiliation)
(cxml:attribute "role" role))
for status in stati
do (cxml:with-element "status"
(cxml:attribute "code" status)))))))
;; step 0: if there's already a roomnick set, we gotta use that one to avoid confusion
;; (this restriction will be relaxed in later versions)
(bind-parameters get-resource-stmt muc-chatid)
(assert (sqlite:step-statement get-resource-stmt))
(let* ((old-roomnick (first (column-values get-resource-stmt)))
(new-roomnick roomnick)
(roomnick (if (and old-roomnick (> (length old-roomnick) 0))
old-roomnick new-roomnick)))
;; step 1: send in-room presence from other occupants
(bind-parameters get-members-stmt muc-chatid)
while (sqlite:step-statement get-members-stmt)
do (with-bound-columns (memid mem-localpart resource affiliation) get-members-stmt
(let ((resource-to-use (if (equal resource roomnick)
(concatenate 'string resource " [WA]")
(unless (equal resource-to-use resource)
;; prevent conflicts with the user's chosen roomnick
(bind-parameters update-member-resource-stmt resource-to-use memid)
(sqlite:step-statement update-member-resource-stmt)
(sqlite:reset-statement update-member-resource-stmt))
(send-presence resource-to-use
(concatenate 'string
(component-name comp))
(if (equal affiliation "member") "participant" "moderator")))))
;; step 2: send self-presence
(if (equal old-roomnick new-roomnick)
(send-presence roomnick jid "member" "participant" "100" "110")
;; 210 means "we forced what your nick was for you"
(send-presence roomnick jid "member" "participant" "100" "110" "210"))
;; step 3: send subject
(bind-parameters get-subject-stmt muc-chatid)
(assert (sqlite:step-statement get-subject-stmt))
(with-bound-columns (subject) get-subject-stmt
(with-message (comp jid
:from muc-jid
:type "groupchat")
(cxml:with-element "subject"
(cxml:text subject))))
;; step 4: update resource & joined information if required
(bind-parameters update-resource-stmt roomnick muc-chatid)
(sqlite:step-statement update-resource-stmt)
(bind-parameters insert-joined-stmt muc-chatid jid)
(sqlite:step-statement insert-joined-stmt))))))
(defun whatsxmpp-presence-unavailable-handler (comp &key from to &allow-other-keys)
"Handles a presence unavailable broadcast."
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
(multiple-value-bind (to-hostname to-localpart)
(parse-jid to)
(declare (ignore to-hostname))
(let* ((stripped (strip-resource from))
(uid (get-user-id stripped))
(chat-id (get-user-chat-id uid to-localpart)))
(when (and uid (uiop:string-prefix-p "g" to-localpart))
(format *debug-io* "~&~A muc-presence-unavailable: ~A~%" from to)
(when chat-id
((remove-joined-stmt "DELETE FROM user_chat_joined WHERE chat_id = ? AND jid = ?"))
(bind-parameters remove-joined-stmt chat-id from)
(sqlite:step-statement remove-joined-stmt))))))))
(defun whatsxmpp-presence-handler (comp &key from to type id stanza &allow-other-keys)
"Handles a presence broadcast."
(unless (or (not type) (eql (length type) 0))
(return-from whatsxmpp-presence-handler))
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
(multiple-value-bind (to-hostname to-localpart to-resource)
(parse-jid to)
(declare (ignore to-hostname))
(let* ((stripped (strip-resource from))
(uid (get-user-id stripped))
(x-element (get-node-with-xmlns (child-elements stanza) +muc-ns+)))
(format *debug-io* "~&~A muc-presence: ~A~%" from to)
(unless uid
(error 'stanza-error
:defined-condition "registration-required"
:text "You must register to join MUCs via this bridge."
:type "auth"))
(let ((chat-id (get-user-chat-id uid to-localpart)))
(unless chat-id
(error 'stanza-error
:defined-condition "item-not-found"
:text "Couldn't find a WhatsApp chat with that JID."
:type "modify"))
(unless to-resource
(error 'stanza-error
:defined-condition "jid-malformed"
:text "Please specify a room nickname."
:type "modify"))
(handle-muc-join comp from to-localpart chat-id to-resource)))
(stanza-error (e)
(send-stanza-error comp
:stanza-type "presence"
:id id :to from :from to
:e e))))
((and uid (string-equal type "available"))
(let ((conn (gethash stripped (component-whatsapps comp))))
(when conn
(format *debug-io* "~&sending available presence for ~A~%" stripped)
(whatscl::send-presence conn :available))))
(t nil))))))
(defun whatsxmpp-presence-probe-handler (comp &key from to id &allow-other-keys)
"Handles presence probe requests."
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
(multiple-value-bind (to-hostname to-localpart)
(parse-jid to)
(declare (ignore to-hostname))
(format *debug-io* "~&presence probe to: ~A from: ~A~%" to from)
(let* ((stripped (strip-resource from))
(uid (get-user-id stripped))
(conn (gethash stripped (component-whatsapps comp))))
(flet ((respond-with-unavailable ()
(with-presence (comp from
:from to
:type "unavailable"
:id id))))
((equal to-localpart "admin")
(multiple-value-bind (admin-status admin-show)
(get-admin-status comp stripped)
(admin-presence comp from admin-status admin-show)))
((or (not uid) (not conn)) (respond-with-unavailable))
((get-contact-name uid to-localpart)
(handle-wa-contact-presence comp conn stripped to-localpart
:destination from))
(t (respond-with-unavailable))))))))
(defun whatsxmpp-presence-subscribe-handler (comp &key from to id &allow-other-keys)
"Handles a presence subscription request."
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
(multiple-value-bind (to-hostname to-localpart)
(parse-jid to)
(declare (ignore to-hostname))
(format *debug-io* "~&presence subscribe from: ~A~%" from)
(if (or (equal to-localpart "admin") (whatsxmpp-localpart-to-wa-jid to-localpart))
(with-presence (comp (strip-resource from)
:from to
:type "subscribed"))
(send-stanza-error comp
:stanza-type "presence"
:id id :to from :from to
:e (make-condition 'stanza-error
:defined-condition "item-not-found"
:text "That user's JID isn't in a recognizable format."
:type "modify"))))))
(defun whatsxmpp-chat-state-handler (comp &key from to type &allow-other-keys)
"Handles a chat state sent to the whatsxmpp bridge."
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
(multiple-value-bind (to-hostname to-localpart)
(parse-jid to)
(declare (ignore to-hostname))
(format *debug-io* "~&chat state: ~A is ~A to ~A~%" from type to)
(let* ((stripped (strip-resource from))
(uid (get-user-id stripped))
(conn (gethash stripped (component-whatsapps comp)))
(wa-jid (whatsxmpp-localpart-to-wa-jid to-localpart))
((string= type "composing") :composing)
((string= type "paused") :paused)
((string= type "active") :available)
((string= type "gone") :unavailable)
(t (return-from whatsxmpp-chat-state-handler)))))
(unless uid
(warn "Got chat state for user that isn't registered")
(return-from whatsxmpp-chat-state-handler))
(unless wa-jid
(return-from whatsxmpp-chat-state-handler))
(unless conn
(warn "Can't send chat state, since user connection is offline")
(return-from whatsxmpp-chat-state-handler))
(whatscl::send-presence conn presence-type
(unless (or (eql presence-type :available)
(eql presence-type :unavailable))
(defun whatsxmpp-marker-handler (comp &key from to type marker-id id &allow-other-keys)
"Handles a message marker sent to the whatsxmpp bridge."
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
(multiple-value-bind (to-hostname to-localpart)
(parse-jid to)
(declare (ignore to-hostname))
(format *debug-io* "~&marker: ~A on ~A from ~A~%" type marker-id from)
(unless (equal type "displayed")
(return-from whatsxmpp-marker-handler))
(let* ((stripped (strip-resource from))
(uid (get-user-id stripped))
(conn (gethash stripped (component-whatsapps comp)))
(wa-jid (whatsxmpp-localpart-to-wa-jid to-localpart)))
(unless uid
(warn "Got marker for user that isn't registered")
(return-from whatsxmpp-marker-handler))
(unless wa-jid
(return-from whatsxmpp-marker-handler))
(unless conn
(warn "Can't send marker, since user connection is offline")
(send-stanza-error comp
:id id :from to :to from
:stanza-type "message"
:e (make-condition 'stanza-error
:defined-condition "recipient-unavailable"
:text "Can't process chat marker: you're currently not connected to WhatsApp."
:type "wait"))
(return-from whatsxmpp-marker-handler))
(let ((wa-msgid (lookup-xmpp-msgid uid marker-id)))
(if wa-msgid
(format *debug-io* "~&marking read for ~A: ~A from ~A~%" stripped wa-msgid wa-jid)
(whatscl::send-message-read conn wa-jid wa-msgid))
(warn "Got marker for unknown XMPP message ID ~A" marker-id)))))))
(defun whatsxmpp-message-handler (comp &key from to body id oob-url &allow-other-keys)
"Handles a message sent to the whatsxmpp bridge."
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
(multiple-value-bind (to-hostname to-localpart to-resource)
(parse-jid to)
(declare (ignore to-hostname))
(format *debug-io* "~&message from: ~A~%" from)
(let* ((stripped (strip-resource from))
(uid (get-user-id stripped))
(conn (gethash stripped (component-whatsapps comp)))
(wa-jid (whatsxmpp-localpart-to-wa-jid to-localpart))
(user-resource (get-user-chat-resource uid to-localpart)))
((send-error (e)
(send-stanza-error comp
:stanza-type "message"
:id id :to from :from to
:e e)))
((equal to-localpart "admin")
(handle-admin-command comp from body uid))
((not uid)
(send-error (make-condition 'stanza-error
:defined-condition "registration-required"
:text "You must register to use this bridge."
:type "auth")))
((not wa-jid)
(send-error (make-condition 'stanza-error
:defined-condition "item-not-found"
:text "That user's JID isn't in a recognizable format."
:type "modify")))
((or (not conn) (not (whatscl::wac-jid conn)))
(send-error (make-condition 'stanza-error
:defined-condition "recipient-unavailable"
:text "You're currently not connected to WhatsApp."
:type "wait")))
((and to-resource (uiop:string-prefix-p "g" to-localpart))
(send-error (make-condition 'stanza-error
:defined-condition "feature-not-implemented"
:text "MUC PMs are (deliberately) not implemented. Message the user directly instead."
:type "cancel")))
(let* ((content-to-send (if oob-url
(maybe-upload-whatsapp-media conn oob-url)
(promisify body)))
(callback (lambda (conn result)
(wa-handle-message-send-result comp conn stripped
:orig-from from
:orig-to to
:orig-id id
:orig-body body
:muc-resource user-resource
:result result))))
(lambda (content)
(let ((msgid
(etypecase content
(whatscl::message-contents-image (whatscl::send-simple-image-message conn wa-jid content callback))
(string (whatscl::send-simple-text-message conn wa-jid content callback)))))
(whatscl::send-presence conn :available)
(insert-user-message uid id msgid))))
(t (e)
(format *error-output* "~&failed to send message! ~A~%" e)
(send-error (make-condition 'stanza-error
:defined-condition "internal-server-error"
:text (princ-to-string e)
:type "wait"))))))))))))
(defun whatsxmpp-load-users (comp)
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
(stmt "SELECT jid FROM users;")
while (sqlite:step-statement stmt)
do (with-bound-columns (jid) stmt
(setf (gethash jid (component-whatsapps comp)) nil))))))
(defun register-whatsxmpp-handlers (comp)
(register-component-iq-handler comp :disco-info #'disco-info-handler)
(register-component-iq-handler comp :vcard-temp-get #'whatsxmpp-vcard-temp-handler)
(register-component-iq-handler comp :disco-items #'disco-items-handler)
(register-component-iq-handler comp :mam-query #'whatsxmpp-mam-query-handler)
(register-component-iq-handler comp :ping #'whatsxmpp-ping-handler))
(defun whatsxmpp-init ()
"Initialise the whatsxmpp bridge."
(config "SELECT server, port, component_name, shared_secret, upload_component_name, allow_archiving, allow_history_fetches FROM configuration WHERE rev = 1")
(assert (sqlite:step-statement config) () "No configuration in database!")
(destructuring-bind (server port component-name shared-secret upload-name allow-archiving allow-history-fetches)
(column-values config)
(let* ((comp (make-component server port shared-secret component-name))
(ret (change-class comp 'whatsxmpp-component
:upload-component-name upload-name)))
(setf *archiving-enabled* (not (eql allow-archiving 0)))
(when *archiving-enabled*
(format *debug-io* "~&[!] WARNING: Archiving of user messages is enabled. If you're running a public bridge, this has potential privacy implications!~%"))
(setf *history-fetches-enabled* (not (eql allow-history-fetches 0)))
(when *history-fetches-enabled*
(format *debug-io* "~&[!] WARNING: Full history fetches are enabled. Letting any user initiate a full history fetch is a potential Denial of Service vector!~%"))
(on :text-message ret (lambda (&rest args)
(apply #'whatsxmpp-message-handler ret args)))
(on :message-marker ret (lambda (&rest args)
(apply #'whatsxmpp-marker-handler ret args)))
(on :presence-subscribe ret (lambda (&rest args)
(apply #'whatsxmpp-presence-subscribe-handler ret args)))
(on :presence-probe ret (lambda (&rest args)
(apply #'whatsxmpp-presence-probe-handler ret args)))
(on :presence-unavailable ret (lambda (&rest args)
(apply #'whatsxmpp-presence-unavailable-handler ret args)))
(on :presence ret (lambda (&rest args)
(apply #'whatsxmpp-presence-handler ret args)))
(on :chat-state ret (lambda (&rest args)
(apply #'whatsxmpp-chat-state-handler ret args)))
(register-whatsxmpp-handlers ret)
(whatsxmpp-load-users ret)
(setf (component-reconnect-timer ret) (trivial-timers:make-timer
(lambda () (wa-resetup-users ret))
:name "reconnection timer"))
(on :connected ret (lambda () (wa-resetup-users ret)))
(defparameter *comp* nil)
(defun report-error-and-die (err)
(format *error-output* "[!] Fatal error, bridge aborting!~%")
(trivial-backtrace:print-backtrace err
:output *error-output*)
for thr in (bt:all-threads)
do (progn
(format *error-output* "[!] State of thread ~A:~%" thr)
(sb-thread:interrupt-thread thr (lambda ()
:stream *error-output*)))))
(sb-ext:exit :code 1 :abort t))
(defun main ()
"Hacky main() function for running this in 'the real world' (outside emacs)"
(setf *debugger-hook* (lambda (condition hook)
(declare (ignore hook))
(report-error-and-die condition)))
(when (< (length sb-ext:*posix-argv*) 2)
(format *error-output* "fatal: a path to the database must be provided~%")
(format *error-output* "usage: ~A DATABASE_PATH~%" (elt sb-ext:*posix-argv* 0))
(sb-ext:exit :code 2 :abort t))
(let ((*default-database-path* (elt sb-ext:*posix-argv* 1)))
(format t "[*] whatsxmpp version ~A / an eta project <https://theta.eu.org>~%" +version+)
(format t "[+] Using database at ~A~%" *default-database-path*)
(block nil
(format t "[+] Starting SWANK server~%")
(setf swank:*configure-emacs-indentation* nil)
(swank:create-server :dont-close t))
(format t "[+] Initializing bridge~%")
(setf *comp* (whatsxmpp-init))
(on :error *comp* (lambda (e)
(report-error-and-die e)))
;; don't pretty-print stuff with newlines
(setf *print-right-margin* most-positive-fixnum)
;; We don't have anything better to do, so let's wait on a condition
;; variable that'll never wake up.
(let ((lock (bt:make-lock))
(condvar (bt:make-condition-variable)))
(bt:with-lock-held (lock)
(bt:condition-wait condvar lock))))))
(lambda ()
:load-contribs t
:reload t)