85 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
η (eta) 07e2702ec5 Restrict available presence sending to chat states & messages 1 month ago
η (eta) 0c0f2feb70 send presence when we get XMPP presence; periodically poll presence 3 months ago
η (eta) d6a8ac8f33 minor logging fixes 3 months ago
η (eta) d664cb800c Introduce user & global archiving controls; add unregister function 8 months ago
η (eta) 7e306420e6 fix forward page detection 8 months ago
η (eta) c36d61687a Message Archive Management (MAM) support for groupchats 8 months ago
η (eta) f979abbd35 Save groupchat messages in an archive, allow bulk history requesting 8 months ago
η (eta) e7c84623e8 Refactor message processing to use an intermediate object 8 months ago
η (eta) 378bac1fe6 Handle the mysterious 419 login failure code 8 months ago
η (eta) 18dd943d30 Update user chat names when new user information is received 8 months ago
η (eta) 56363c8430 Fix the duplicate chat members bug by actually deleting old data (!) 8 months ago
η (eta) 0e38259584 Add debugging command to force chat metadata refresh 8 months ago
η (eta) 2409b8b705 Tweak presence subscription behaviour & new chat behaviour 8 months ago
η (eta) 0da958a2d5 don't splurt error backtraces at the user 8 months ago
η (eta) 14ff49b1d2 sqlite: attempted fix for persistent MISUSE errors 8 months ago
η (eta) 51821a774f Bridge through <gone/> chat state as unavailable presence 8 months ago
η (eta) 83d172f899 Upload and send images natively (!); don't block on QR code 8 months ago
η (eta) acfa5c236d Don't send "phone number"-named roster entries in roster exchanges 9 months ago
η (eta) 807acd42b3 When replying to presence probes, only reply to the requesting resource 9 months ago
η (eta) e151151004 Don't spam the user with presences when they send us one 9 months ago
η (eta) 7506da1469 Fix the Nix build (!!) 9 months ago
η (eta) 104ead0987 Handle errors that occur when trying to start a connection 9 months ago
η (eta) 8944391580 e x t r e m e d e s i g n t h i n k i n g f a i l 9 months ago
η (eta) db402312ca delete extra close-paren 9 months ago
η (eta) 28a6303371 Add function for uploading (but not sending) media, clean up threads 9 months ago
η (eta) efbda1a002 Send the <gone/> chat state when receiving unavailable presence 9 months ago
η (eta) a02c0fdc79 Handle chats being modified; allow the user to refresh all groups 9 months ago
η (eta) b47828c5c1 Fix sending read receipts in MUCs 9 months ago
η (eta) 5f4bcb6c8f Don't unconditionally include disco info in features 9 months ago
η (eta) 99df4a56fe Don't differentiate between account and resource in disco#info 9 months ago
η (eta) 912c09edc4 Fix order of entity caps in hash function 9 months ago
η (eta) 599123dbef Generate entity caps & process disconnect messages 9 months ago
η (eta) b54fec4aa9 Adapt WA-HANDLE-ERROR-STATUS-CODE to recent whatscl changes 9 months ago
η (eta) e4e9aa0ec1 Don't break on nodes with whitespace/text in between 10 months ago
η (eta) 1e59c2a6c7 add fixup_1.sql, which corrects the UNIQUE error on user_contacts 10 months ago
η (eta) f951fab325 :error now emits a backtrace as well, so handle that 10 months ago
η (eta) 37b3ae2014 don't send presence subscription requests for nameless numbers 10 months ago
η (eta) ae303489ad bump wsd version 10 months ago
η (eta) c59400b459 fix crash issue on incomplete / denied group metadata 10 months ago
η (eta) c9f27dc69a tentative chopped QR issue fix 10 months ago
η (eta) 2e4e375196 handle missing subject in group metadata 10 months ago
η (eta) 5ce6d47266 add MUC disco#items handler, fix children including text DOM nodes 10 months ago
η (eta) 7e457266f8 nix: add Nix derivation for whatsxmpp (yay!) 10 months ago
η (eta) 8fc623bb1c get ironclad from github 10 months ago
η (eta) 677bbc6748 actually update quicklisp (docker caching sucks btw) 10 months ago
η (eta) a312057849 remove some whitespace 11 months ago
η (eta) 0962c5d488 *: move 750 LoC from 'stuff.lisp' into other sensibly-named files 11 months ago
η (eta) 6c0e61f2a5 whoops 11 months ago
η (eta) 26620cf36b add Content-Length header when doing uploads 11 months ago
η (eta) 38e79749a8 Dockerfile: reduce size, fix entrypoint 11 months ago