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Message Archive Management (MAM) support for groupchats

- Groupchats now support XEP-0313 Message Archive Management (MAM)!
- This uses the history stored in the sqlite database, as implemented in the
  previous commits.
  - The QUERY-ARCHIVE megafunction builds up a SQL query to get stuff out of the
    database, in accordance with provided MAM + RSM parameters.
- Notably, various hacks are in here that need to be fixed.
  - IQ 'set's are now processed, which means we needed to add a stub impl of
    Schrödinger's Chat so people don't drop out of MUCs all of a sudden.
    (Well, it just responds to every ping indiscriminately...)
  - Oh also the new presence subscription stuff from earlier is borked.
η (eta) 4 months ago
10 changed files with 229 additions and 9 deletions
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component.lisp View File

@@ -247,6 +247,10 @@
((and (equal xmlns +vcard-temp-ns+) (equal tag-name "vCard"))
((and (equal xmlns +mam-ns+) (equal tag-name "query"))
((and (equal xmlns +ping-ns+) (equal tag-name "ping"))
(call-component-iq-handler comp handler-type
@@ -261,7 +265,7 @@
(let ((type (dom:get-attribute stanza "type"))
(id (dom:get-attribute stanza "id"))
(from (dom:get-attribute stanza "from")))
(if (equal type "get")
(if (or (equal type "get") (equal type "set"))
(handle-iq-get comp id from stanza)
((promise (gethash id (component-promises comp))))

+ 83
- 5
db.lisp View File

@@ -35,6 +35,15 @@
(with-bound-columns (id) get-stmt

(defun get-user-chat-localpart (chat-id)
"Get the user chat localpart for CHAT-ID, or NIL if none exists."
((get-stmt "SELECT wa_jid FROM user_chats WHERE id = ?"))
(bind-parameters get-stmt chat-id)
(when (sqlite:step-statement get-stmt)
(with-bound-columns (localpart) get-stmt

(defun get-user-chat-subject (uid localpart)
"Get the user chat subject of LOCALPART for UID, or NIL if none exists."
@@ -145,11 +154,13 @@
(defun insert-xmpp-message (xm)
"Inserts XM, a groupchat XMPP-MESSAGE, into the database."
(assert (uiop:string-prefix-p "g" (conversation xm)) () "Tried to insert XMPP message for non-groupchat conversation ~A" (conversation xm))
(let ((chat-id (or
(get-user-chat-id (uid xm) (conversation xm))
(error "Couldn't find chat id for conversation ~A / uid ~A"
(conversation xm) (uid xm))))
(ts-unix (local-time:timestamp-to-unix (timestamp xm))))
(let* ((chat-id (or
(get-user-chat-id (uid xm) (conversation xm))
(error "Couldn't find chat id for conversation ~A / uid ~A"
(conversation xm) (uid xm))))

(local-time:*default-timezone* local-time:+utc-zone+)
(ts-unix (local-time:timestamp-to-unix (timestamp xm))))
((insert-stmt "INSERT INTO user_chat_history (user_id, chat_id, user_from, ts_unix, xmpp_id, orig_id, body, oob_url) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)"))
(bind-parameters insert-stmt (1 (uid xm)) (2 chat-id) (3 (from xm)) (4 ts-unix) (5 (xmpp-id xm)) (6 (orig-id xm)) (7 (body xm)) (8 (oob-url xm)))
@@ -163,3 +174,70 @@
(when (sqlite:step-statement get-stmt)
(with-bound-columns (xid) get-stmt

(defun get-chat-history-ts (uid chat-id xmpp-id)
"Look up the UNIX timestamp for the given UID, CHAT-ID and XMPP-ID."
((get-stmt "SELECT ts_unix FROM user_chat_history WHERE user_id = ? AND chat_id = ? AND xmpp_id = ?"))
(bind-parameters get-stmt uid chat-id xmpp-id)
(when (sqlite:step-statement get-stmt)
(with-bound-columns (tsu) get-stmt

(defun query-archive (uid chat-id &key start end (limit 100) reference-stanza-id forward-page)
"Query the chat history archive for the chat identified by CHAT-ID and UID. Optionally narrow the query using START and END (UNIX timestamps), returning at most LIMIT items (which is clamped to 100).
If an RSM REFERENCE-STANZA-ID is provided, narrow the query to be either after (T) or before (NIL) the history entry with that stanza ID, depending on the value of FORWARD-PAGE (see brackets)."
(let ((statement (make-string-output-stream))
(localpart (get-user-chat-localpart chat-id))
(local-time:*default-timezone* local-time:+utc-zone+)
(args (list chat-id uid)) ; WARNING this list is nreverse'd later!
(items-returned 0)
(format statement "SELECT user_from, ts_unix, xmpp_id, orig_id, body, oob_url FROM user_chat_history WHERE user_id = ? AND chat_id = ?")
(when reference-stanza-id
(let ((reference-ts (or
(get-chat-history-ts uid chat-id reference-stanza-id)
(error "Couldn't locate reference stanza ID ~A" reference-stanza-id))))
(if forward-page
(setf start reference-ts)
(setf end reference-ts))))
(when start
(format statement " AND ts_unix > ?")
(push start args))
(when end
(format statement " AND ts_unix < ?")
(push end args))
(unless limit
(setf limit 100))
(when (> limit 100)
(setf limit 100)) ; clamp me owo
;; We copy a trick from biboumi: in order to figure out whether there are
;; more results if not for the limit existing, simply increment the limit
;; by 1 and see if you get the extra element.
(format statement " ORDER BY ts_unix ~A LIMIT ~A" (if forward-page "ASC" "DESC") (1+ limit))
(setf args (nreverse args))
(bt:with-recursive-lock-held (*db-lock*)
(let ((stmt-text (get-output-stream-string statement)))
(setf sqlite-stmt (sqlite:prepare-statement *db* stmt-text)))
for param in args
for n from 1
do (sqlite:bind-parameter sqlite-stmt n param))
(if forward-page #'identity #'nreverse)
while (sqlite:step-statement sqlite-stmt)
do (incf items-returned)
while (<= items-returned limit)
collect (with-bound-columns (from ts-unix xmpp-id orig-id body oob-url) sqlite-stmt
(make-instance 'xmpp-message
:uid uid
:conversation localpart
:from from
:timestamp (local-time:unix-to-timestamp ts-unix)
:xmpp-id xmpp-id
:orig-id orig-id
:body body
:oob-url oob-url))))
(<= items-returned limit)))))

+ 1
- 0
default.nix View File

@@ -984,6 +984,7 @@ buildLisp.program {

+ 33
- 0
message.lisp View File

@@ -112,6 +112,39 @@ FIXME: the above behaviour is a bit meh."
do (format oss "> ~A~%" item))
(get-output-stream-string oss)))

(defun deliver-mam-history-message (comp msg to-jid &optional query-id)
"Deliver MSG, an XMPP-MESSAGE, to TO-JID as a piece of MAM history, as part of the response to a MAM query with QUERY-ID."
(let* ((component-host (component-name comp))
(mam-from (concatenate 'string (conversation msg) "@" component-host))
(real-from (concatenate 'string mam-from "/" (from msg))))
(with-message (comp to-jid
:from mam-from
:type nil)
(cxml:with-element "result"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +mam-ns+)
(when query-id
(cxml:attribute "queryid" query-id))
(cxml:attribute "id" (xmpp-id msg))
(cxml:with-element "forwarded"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +forwarded-ns+)
(cxml:with-element "delay"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +delivery-delay-ns+)
(cxml:attribute "stamp" (local-time:format-timestring nil (timestamp msg))))
(cxml:with-element "message"
(cxml:attribute "from" real-from)
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +client-ns+)
(cxml:attribute "type" "groupchat")
(cxml:with-element "body"
(cxml:text (body msg)))
(when (oob-url msg)
(cxml:with-element "x"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +oob-ns+)
(cxml:with-element "url"
(cxml:text (oob-url msg)))))
(when (orig-id msg)
(cxml:with-element "origin-id"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" +unique-stanzas-ns+)
(cxml:attribute "id" (orig-id msg))))))))))

(defun deliver-xmpp-message (comp msg)
"Deliver MSG, an XMPP-MESSAGE, to the intended destinations on COMP."

+ 6
- 0
namespaces.lisp View File

@@ -22,3 +22,9 @@
(defparameter +chat-states-ns+ "")
(defparameter +hints-ns+ "urn:xmpp:hints")
(defparameter +entity-caps-ns+ "")
(defparameter +mam-ns+ "urn:xmpp:mam:2")
(defparameter +rsm-ns+ "")
(defparameter +data-forms-ns+ "jabber:x:data")
(defparameter +forwarded-ns+ "urn:xmpp:forward:0")
(defparameter +client-ns+ "jabber:client")
(defparameter +ping-ns+ "urn:xmpp:ping")

+ 2
- 0
schema.sql View File

@@ -72,3 +72,5 @@ CREATE TABLE user_chat_history (
oob_url VARCHAR

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX user_chat_history_unique ON user_chat_history (user_id, chat_id, xmpp_id);

+ 63
- 3
stuff.lisp View File

@@ -59,6 +59,7 @@
`((disco-identity ,chat-subject "text" "conference")
(disco-feature ,+disco-info-ns+)
(disco-feature ,+muc-ns+)
(disco-feature ,+mam-ns+)
(disco-feature ,+muc-stable-id-ns+)
(disco-feature ,+unique-stanzas-ns+)
(disco-feature "muc_hidden")
@@ -272,6 +273,61 @@ WhatsXMPP represents users as u440123456789 and groups as g1234-5678."
(admin-presence comp jid "Programming error" "xa")
(remhash jid (component-whatsapps comp))))

(defun whatsxmpp-ping-handler (comp &key to from &allow-other-keys)
(declare (ignore comp to from))
;; This is a stub!

(defun whatsxmpp-mam-query-handler (comp &key to from stanza &allow-other-keys)
"Handles Message Archive Management (MAM) queries."
(with-component-data-lock (comp)
(let* ((stripped (strip-resource from))
(local-time:*default-timezone* local-time:+utc-zone+)
(uid (or
(get-user-id stripped)
(error 'stanza-error
:defined-condition "registration-required"
:text "You must be a bridge user to run MAM queries."
:type "auth")))
(chat-id (or
(get-user-chat-id uid (nth-value 1 (parse-jid to)))
(error 'stanza-error
:defined-condition "item-not-found"
:text "Couldn't find a WhatsApp chat with that JID."
:type "modify")))
(query-params (alist-from-mam-query (elt (child-elements stanza) 0))))
(format *debug-io* "~&MAM query for ~A from ~A:~% params ~A~%" from to query-params)
(labels ((unix-from-mam (time-input)
(alexandria:when-let ((time time-input))
(local-time:timestamp-to-unix (local-time:parse-timestring time))))
(unix-from-mam-params (keyword params)
(unix-from-mam (whatscl::cassoc keyword params))))
(multiple-value-bind (messages completep)
(query-archive uid chat-id
:start (unix-from-mam-params :start query-params)
:end (unix-from-mam-params :end query-params)
:limit (alexandria:when-let
((limit (whatscl::cassoc :max query-params)))
(parse-integer limit))
:reference-stanza-id (or
(whatscl::cassoc :after query-params)
(whatscl::cassoc :before query-params))
:forward-page (whatscl::cassoc :after query-params))
(format *debug-io* "~&MAM query for ~A returned ~A messages (complete: ~A)" from (length messages) completep)
for msg in messages
do (deliver-mam-history-message comp msg from (whatscl::cassoc :query-id query-params)))
`((cxml:with-element "fin"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" ,+mam-ns+)
(cxml:attribute "complete" ,(if completep "true" "false"))
(cxml:with-element "set"
(cxml:attribute "xmlns" ,+rsm-ns+)
,@(when (> (length messages) 0)
`((cxml:with-element "first"
(cxml:text ,(xmpp-id (first messages))))
(cxml:with-element "last"
(cxml:text ,(xmpp-id (car (last messages)))))))))))))))

(defun do-chat-history-request (comp conn jid uid requested-jid)
"Retrieves full chat history for the REQUESTED-JID, and inserts it into the database."
@@ -523,7 +579,8 @@ Returns three values: avatar data (as two values), and a generalized boolean spe
(wx-localpart (wa-jid-to-whatsxmpp-localpart ct-jid)))
(when (uiop:string-prefix-p "u" wx-localpart)
;; The user has an open chat with this other user, so they probably want a presence subscription.
(handle-wa-contact-presence-subscriptions comp jid wx-localpart)
(when (get-contact-name uid wx-localpart) ;; FIXME
(handle-wa-contact-presence-subscriptions comp jid wx-localpart))
(return-from add-wa-chat))
(unless (uiop:string-prefix-p "g" wx-localpart)
(warn "Interesting localpart pased to ADD-WA-CHAT: ~A" wx-localpart)
@@ -601,6 +658,7 @@ Returns three values: avatar data (as two values), and a generalized boolean spe
(let* ((new-from (concatenate 'string orig-to "/" muc-resource))
(group-localpart (nth-value 1 (parse-jid orig-to)))
(recipients (get-user-chat-joined (get-user-id jid) group-localpart)))
;; FIXME: You can break the database's UNIQUE constraint here.
(insert-xmpp-message (make-instance 'xmpp-message
:conversation group-localpart
:uid (get-user-id jid)
@@ -905,7 +963,7 @@ Returns three values: avatar data (as two values), and a generalized boolean spe
(let ((conn (gethash stripped (component-whatsapps comp))))
(if conn
(let ((chats (get-user-groupchats uid)))
(reply (format nil "Fetching full chat history for ~A groupchats. This will probably take a long time.~%Note that even after completion is reported, some background media uploading may be in progress."
(reply (format nil "Fetching full chat history for ~A groupchats. This will probably take a long time.~%Note that even after completion is reported, some background media uploading may be in progress.~%If the WhatsApp connection is interrupted midway through the fetch, you will need to retry the fetch."
(length chats)))
(lambda ()
@@ -1297,7 +1355,9 @@ Returns three values: avatar data (as two values), and a generalized boolean spe
(defun register-whatsxmpp-handlers (comp)
(register-component-iq-handler comp :disco-info #'disco-info-handler)
(register-component-iq-handler comp :vcard-temp-get #'whatsxmpp-vcard-temp-handler)
(register-component-iq-handler comp :disco-items #'disco-items-handler))
(register-component-iq-handler comp :disco-items #'disco-items-handler)
(register-component-iq-handler comp :mam-query #'whatsxmpp-mam-query-handler)
(register-component-iq-handler comp :ping #'whatsxmpp-ping-handler))

(defun whatsxmpp-init ()
"Initialise the whatsxmpp bridge."

+ 4
- 0
utils.lisp View File

@@ -17,6 +17,10 @@
"Returns the child elements (excluding text nodes) of the CXML DOM node NODE."
(remove-if-not #'dom:element-p (dom:child-nodes node)))

(defun nil-empty (seq)
"If SEQ (a sequence) is empty, returns NIL; otherwise, returns SEQ."
(unless (eql (length seq) 0) seq))

(defmacro with-promise-from-thread (() &body forms)
"Return a promise that executes FORMS in a new thread, resolving the promise with the return value of (PROGN ,@FORMS) or rejecting it if an ERROR condition is thrown (with said condition)."
(let ((resolve (gensym))

+ 1
- 0
whatsxmpp.asd View File

@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@
(:file "xep-0030")
(:file "xep-0363")
(:file "xep-0115")
(:file "xep-0313")
(:file "sqlite")
(:file "db")
(:file "media")

+ 31
- 0
xep-0313.lisp View File

@@ -0,0 +1,31 @@
;;;; XEP-0313: Message Archive Management

(in-package :whatsxmpp)

(defun whitelisted-mam-keywordize (thing)
"Interns THING, but only after making sure it's a string from XEP-0313."
(if (member thing '("start" "end" "with" "first" "last" "count" "max" "FORM_TYPE" "after" "before")
:test #'string=)
(intern (string-upcase thing) :keyword)

(defun alist-from-mam-query (query-elt)
"Parses the QUERY-ELT, a MAM <query> element, and returns an alist."
(labels ((consify-df (field-elt)
(cons (whitelisted-mam-keywordize
(dom:get-attribute field-elt "var"))
(get-node-named (child-elements field-elt) "value")))))
(consify-rsm (rsm-elt)
(cons (whitelisted-mam-keywordize
(dom:node-name rsm-elt))
(nil-empty (get-node-text rsm-elt)))))
(let* ((x-elt (get-node-with-xmlns (child-elements query-elt) +data-forms-ns+))
(rsm-elt (get-node-with-xmlns (child-elements query-elt) +rsm-ns+))
(query-id (dom:get-attribute query-elt "queryid"))
(form-fields (map 'list #'consify-df (child-elements x-elt)))
(rsm-fields (when rsm-elt
(map 'list #'consify-rsm (child-elements rsm-elt)))))
(append form-fields rsm-fields (when query-id
`((:query-id . ,query-id)))))))