184 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
η (eta) 6e768510c1 bump ww-rs to fix version, init issues 1 year ago
η (eta) 7c16544ff6 add invigorating new config option 1 year ago
η (eta) 18ff4a1645 bump ww-rs version again, oops 1 year ago
η (eta) 8cd4e979f6 bump ww-rs version 1 year ago
η (eta) 1289607e6a remove bogus e2e stub types 1 year ago
η (eta) e45a80106d don't check for stubs on media messages 2 years ago
η (eta) 7e12390c66 Less crappy message stub handling 2 years ago
η (eta) ae81c18da1 Avoid getting stuck in a stupid loop changing nick sources 2 years ago
η (eta) c8d64e6cae Avoid dropping messages with missing ciphertext on the floor 2 years ago
η (eta) 891b50415a ignore sqlite stuff on this branch 2 years ago
η (eta) 6797a83d61 avoid colliding with the configured admin nick 2 years ago
η (eta) 72c7799505 Use Unidecode library to handle non-Unicode nicks (0.2.0 bump) 2 years ago
η (eta) d8b5e71fbd tweak nickname changing logic 2 years ago
η (eta) 341d1730fb if we get a 401, stop trying to connect 2 years ago
η (eta) 2b69256bdc fix logged in log message 2 years ago
η (eta) 7fac20c58b Drastically reduce connection state logging, queue offline messages 2 years ago
η (eta) 6ca92a5db0 oops 2 years ago
η (eta) 65c340a064 fix crash on group picture or status change 2 years ago
η (eta) cf1cb51c78 silently ignore stuff from status@c.us 2 years ago
η (eta) ca5a1cd446 add warning for new Error ack level 2 years ago
η (eta) 93940b9d5c ww-rs bump 2 years ago
η (eta) dd50e8c624 Revamp contact nick handling (+ minor s2c changes) 2 years ago
η (eta) bac10e4d1f Somewhat hacky work on IRC s2c mode, allowing it to send/receive 2 years ago
η (eta) 9d402b064e Reorganize ack and message processing out into their own submodules 2 years ago
η (eta) 75e053b016 autocreate groups properly, if we don't get metadata for them 2 years ago
η (eta) 9d49a7cbad Add some rudimentary presence tracking options 2 years ago
η (eta) 8d8729dc3d 0.2.0-pre: upgrade to ww-rs-eta 0.5.0-pre1 2 years ago
η (eta) 8f74139888 well that was irresponsible (using path in Cargo.toml) 2 years ago
η (eta) a918d723e2 Proper timestamp support, broken history fetching 2 years ago
η (eta) 86eb075d46 truncate is harmful, and can cause panics 2 years ago
η (eta) 8c658a8f56 fix regression where SMS messages from new contacts would never get through 2 years ago
η (eta) 2f9bb6f535 add option to autoupdate nicks from notify 2 years ago
η (eta) ec2bdd8640 Add option to disable marking as read, fix unnamed contacts bug (!) 2 years ago
η (eta) 4483c57266 Fix crash caused by duplicate MakeContact calls in modem 2 years ago
η (eta) d82ec9e1a7 Vastly improved contact creation, WA notify tracking 2 years ago
η (eta) d7611a69fe don't warn loudly on nonexistent ghost failures 2 years ago
η (eta) 4261f88926 instead of breaking when WA msgid stores fail, warn 2 years ago
η (eta) ce695a80ce avoid endlessly spamming media 2 years ago
η (eta) a0303b3059 Add RPM spec and info for cargo-rpm 2 years ago
η (eta) 1d0f479f52 Initial (non-working) IRC server/s2c code 2 years ago
η (eta) 329281c542 ww-rs bump to reduce annoying logging 2 years ago
η (eta) 29028af3db Get ack tracking working with new ww-rs version, warn on pending 2 years ago
η (eta) 5c9b76b5a8 whoops 2 years ago
η (eta) f603713976 back out acks feature 2 years ago
η (eta) 5dfe0ab022 update README with AUR stuff 2 years ago
η (eta) 2b6ef601eb add PKGBUILD, and search for config in /etc 2 years ago
η (eta) e62a533c27 Display WA backlog messages received while bridge was offline 2 years ago
η (eta) 0ddea45897 Update dependencies, use new whatsappweb-eta crate name 2 years ago
η (eta) 75b7c26673 fix snafu with 10,000 second ack check time 2 years ago
η (eta) 38e2f97ee4 nicer ack level display, fix retention bug 2 years ago